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Pennsylvania State University

  • FIN 405: Advanced Financial Management
    • [Download syllabus]
    • The covered segments in this course include: mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, real options, Monte Carlo simulations, capital structure and dividend policies, and corporate structure and restructuring. Integrated throughout the course will be issues of managerial compensation and potential management-shareholder conflicts.

University of Michigan

  • FIN 317: Corporate Financing Decisions
    • BBA Instructor, Winter 2012 [Download syllabus]
    • This course reviews capital structure theory with an in-depth analysis of market imperfections such as taxes, costs of financial distress, and agency and informational issues. While teaching this course, I initiated a pilot program to annotate slides wirelessly using an iPad. Based on my experience, UM-Ross implemented a school-wide solution.
  • Quantitative Skills Workshop
    • EMBA Instructor, Summer 2012–2013; MBA Instructor, Summer 2013
    • This summer workshop prepares entering MBA and EMBA students for fall coursework by reviewing linear equations, calculus, statistics, and financial mathematics.
  • FIN 637: Finance and the Sustainable Enterprise
    • Teaching Assistant for G. Kaul (MBA), Winter 2012 [Download syllabus]
    • This case-based course uses a real option framework to value investment opportunities that involve environmental externalities. As teaching assistant, I held weekly office hours, graded cases, and led in-class simulation exercises.

Brigham Young University

  • ECON 110: Principles of Economics
    • Teaching Assistant (Undergraduate), 2005–2007